9/17/16 – The gist of Leviticus 4

9/17/16 – The gist of Leviticus 4 for us is, “When you become aware of unintentional sin, deal with it!” Last week in the previous chapters we realized that the progression of offerings corresponds to the Gospel message:

  • guilt/sin offerings (compulsory)      ~ ‘teshuva’ – repentance
  • peace offerings  (voluntary)            ~ commitment to Yah’s ways, accepting Yeshua as Lord
  • fellowship offering (voluntary)       ~ between Yah and us, discipleship and spiritual growth

In His presence we’re family, as on Mount Sinai (Jebel ilLauz in Saudi Arabia). As we draw near to Him, the things we thought were so important fade. Now nothing remains but His blaze of Glory shining before our eyes!

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