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10/1/16 – Perpetual Fire

10/1/16 – Today’s Psalm 76 reassures believers that while the judgment of Yah is fearful for the wicked, it is deliverance for the humble. This is analogous to the sun — a fiery furnace at close hand, but life for us. Which side are we on? Do we… Continue Reading “10/1/16 – Perpetual Fire”

9/17/16 – The gist of Leviticus 4

9/17/16 – The gist of Leviticus 4 for us is, “When you become aware of unintentional sin, deal with it!” Last week in the previous chapters we realized that the progression of offerings corresponds to the Gospel message: guilt/sin offerings (compulsory)      ~ ‘teshuva’ – repentance peace offerings  (voluntary)            ~… Continue Reading “9/17/16 – The gist of Leviticus 4”